WINTER WONDERLAND (Dick Smith, Felix Bernard,1934)

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It was in a little village,
on a simple village night,
when a message for the Ages,
was sent in Timeless Light.

In A Little Village StarThe Star that shone above - 
the music Shepherds heard,
was all a song of Love,
that carried God's own Word.

Today we still remember.
Beyond the city's rush;
beyond the tinsel of December,
the Truth calls forth a hush..
Some will pause to listen,
beyond the noisy throng,
they'll see the Star that glistens, In A Little Village Star
and hear the old sweet Song.

Somewhere in a little village,
a simple scene recalled,
still - in simple mangers,
the wondrous Starlight falls.

The Cowboy, and the cattle;
the Shepherd and the flock,
may hear the Angels singing,
and the Truth is not forgot.