You can celebrate Christmas with your pets in a fun and safe way. Here are a few tips to make the holiday season a happy one for your family and your pets.


Make Christmas cards and pictures. Take Christmas photos of your pets to include in cards. Dress up your pets in holiday gear, or just put a Santa hat on them. No matter what your picture looks like, people will enjoy seeing your animals in their cards. You can even make Hanukkah cards to send to your Jewish friends.

Keep your pets safe. Make sure that any poisonous Christmas plants like the poinsettia are kept out of reach. Be sure that any Christmas tree decorations are kept away from your pets, as well. Small items can cause choking if eaten, so make sure they are out of reach. Make certain chocolate items are away from pets, since chocolate is dangerous for dogs and most other pets.

Buy presents for your pets. There are thousands of ideas for your pet's Christmas present. From specialty dog biscuits with holiday icing to Christmas collars, your pet can have the excitement of having their own presents on Christmas day. Make sure to remember the stockings, as well. Toys and treats make great stocking stuffer ideas. Purchase things that will excite your pet, such as new toys for birds or catnip for cats.

Have professional photos done. These make great additions to your photo collection of your pet. They can also be sent out with your Christmas cards.

Make Christmas treats for your pet. Just as you cook for family during Christmas, don’t forget your pet. There are numerous types of homemade treats you can cook for certain pets like dogs and cats. While you’re cooking up your family’s goodies, add a few extra minutes and bake some desserts for your dogs. If you can’t find premixed items, just be sure to use pet-safe ingredients such as yogurt, peanut butter and carob. Never use chocolate.