If my Christmas can bring a smile to your face and help spread a little joy and happiness then my mission will have been a success...it's frivolous, it's fun, it's my Christmas...enjoy!



     Il profumo della cannella e del legno, mele rosse e pino verde... villaggi ovattati nella neve, questo e' il mio natale, Bright Christmas Wonderland... 






Traditional English Poem


At Christmas time, we deck the hall

With holly branches brave and tall,

with holly branches brave and tall,

with sturdy pine and hemlock bright

and in the Yule log's dancing light

we tell old tales of field and fight

at Christmas time.


At Christmas time we pile the board

with flesc and fruit and vintage stored,

and mid the laughter and the glow

we tread a meausure soft and slow,

and kiss beneath the mistletoe

at Christmas time.



The Snowman is a children's book by English author Raymond Briggs, published in 1978. In 1982, this book was turned into a 26-minute animated movie by Dianne Jackson for the fledgling Channel 4. It was first shown on Channel 4 late on Christmas Eve in 1982 and was an immediate success. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 1982. It has been shown every year since and has become a part of British and international Christmas popular culture.

The book is wordless, as is the film except for the song "Walking in the Air". The story is told through picture, action and music. Thecartoon version was scored by Howard Blake who wrote both music and lyrics of the song and also composed and conducted the complete orchestral score for the film with his own orchestra, the Sinfonia of London. The film's one song, "Walking in the Air," was written specially for it and performed by a St Paul's Cathedral choirboy, Peter Auty.

In a list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes drawn up by the British Film Institute in 2000, voted for by industry professionals, the film was placed 71st. It was voted 4th in UKTV Gold's Greatest TV Christmas Moments.



The Snowman is the tale of a boy who builds a snowman one winter's day. That night, at the stroke of twelve, the snowman comes to life. The first part of the story deals with the snowman's attempts to understand the appliances, toys and other bric-a-brac in the boy's house, all while keeping quiet enough not to wake the boy's parents. The two then venture back outside and go for a ride on a motorcycle, disturbing many animals: pheasants, rabbits, a barn owl, a fox and a brown horse.

In the second part of the story, the boy and the snowman take flight — the song "Walking in the Air" appears at this point. They fly over the boy's town, over houses and large public buildings before flying past the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and a pier and then out into the ocean. They continue north past many sights and animals. Flying into the aurora borealis they reach their destination.

The two wander hand-in-hand into a snow-covered forest and attend a snowmen's party, at which the boy is the only human. They meet Father Christmas and his reindeer, and the boy is given a scarf with a snowman pattern.

The story ends after the return journey. However, the sun has come out the next morning and the boy wakes up to find the snowman has melted. The viewer begins to wonder if the night's events were all a dream, but the boy discovers that he still has the scarf given to him by Father Christmas.



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    You have done a fantastic job, well done and merry Christmas to you.